XIAOMI MIJIA T500 Sonic Toothbrush

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XIAOMI MIJIA T500 Sonic Toothbrush
XIAOMI MIJIA T500 Sonic Toothbrush
Regular price 224.00 SR
Sale price 280.00 SR



Brand: Xiaomi

Origin: China

Commodity Quality Certification: 3C

Commodity Quality Certification: ce

Number of movements per minute: from 30000 to 50000

Certification: CE

Certification: CCC

Age Group: Adults

Number of operating modes: 3

Size: Xiaomi Sonic Electric Toothbrush T500

Number of nozzles: 1

Function: Deep cleaning mode

Function: Whitening mode

Function: Mode "gentle cleaning"

Function: timer

Item Type: Electric Toothbrush

Power type: Rechargeable

Quantity: 1

Bristle stiffness: Medium

Type: Acoustic Wave

Material: US DuPont Brush Hair

Power rating: 2W

Voltage rating: 3.7V

Waterproof rating: IPX7 ( toothbrush and charging dock )



XIAOMI Electric Toothbrush T500 Main Features
* The gentle advanced sonic technology gives you the confident smell and fresh breath every morning.
* Xiaomi Sonic Toothbrushoffers optimal comfort with a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-density planting brush.
* You can use the APP to customize the cleaning mode ( brushing time, brushing strength, and other functions ) according to your daily habits and special needs.
* The 6 built-in high-precision sensors can detect your brushing gesture, and record the brushing area and the stay time, and the APP will analyze the data to give your the brushing score.
* The brush can clean your teeth and gums, whiten your teeth, prevent tooth decay, remove plaque, coffee stain and calculus.
* Use the standard clean mode to complete your everyday tooth cleaning route, or the gentle mode to take care of your gum health.


XIAOMI Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush T500
Smart tooth protection, custom solution
High-frequency vibration magnetic levitation motor, brush cleaning, 
smart over-pressure alert, delicate on gums, custom cleaning modes | 
Stainless steel metallic brush head for efficient clean
Custom cleaning modes | Stainless steel metallic brush head for efficient cleaninging

A smarter, more expert way of cleaning
Nowadays, people are having more and more oral health problems due to poor brushing habits and eating preferences. Brushing teeth incorrectly and a love for sweet food, tea or smoking can cause tooth decay and affect quality of life. Regular toothbrushes stained by tea, coffee or alcohol are not clean, leading to more yellow stained teeth. 
How do I clean my teeth correctly? Today, the Mi Smart Electric Toothbrush T500 gives you a new answer!
*Magnetic levitation sonic motor for a powerful clean
*Smart over-pressure alert Suitable for sensitive gums
*Custom cleaning modes Meets various needs
*Analyze cleanliness Learn the correct teeth brushing technique
*Safer and more efficient


High-frequency acoustic vibration magnetic levitation motor
Try the 2nd generation magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor independently developed by experts from Germany and Japan. The vibration frequency is 31,000/minute, easily removing stubborn stains from the teeth. After the motor upgrade, it is smaller in size, produces less noise and movement, and offers more comfortable brushing.

10° static swing to provide deep cleaning of difficult to reach areas*
230 gf.cm torque force output keeps the bristles at a stable swing of 10°, creating toothpaste foam in the mouth, and impacting the blind spots on the teeth while cleaning stubborn plaque.

Smart over-pressure alert
Smart over-pressure protection system; real-time pressure detection; gum care. Battery indicator will flash to remind the user when excessive force is applied, while the brushing force decreases to prevent the user from compromising the health of their teeth.

New app upgrades
An attentive assistant, taking full care of oral health problems
*Custom teeth cleaning modes
*Smart analysis of teeth cleanliness
*Generate oral health reports
Customizable cleaning mode through app
Users can develop a brushing pattern that is appropriate for their own lifestyle and dietary habits. Spill-resistant mode with 10 seconds cushioning. Tobacco and alcohol stains can be cleaned with additional brushing time and additional cleaning options.
*Prevents splashing 10 seconds cushioning
*3 additional optional features More effective

Smart analysis of teeth cleanliness
With a high-precision acceleration sensor, you can monitor your brush position, angle and range more precisely. Open the app to view the data for each brush rating, number of over-pressure instances, brushing time, coverage rate, and daily, weekly, and monthly brushing conditions and recommendations, to improve your dental health and care.

Three-gear mode with memory feature Manage your preferences
Switch to preferred mode, standard mode, soft mode or custom mode at the touch of a button, to suit the user's various brushing needs. The device comes with a mode memory function to record your brushing habits every time.

Stainless, metal-free brush Cleaner and more efficient
The brush head contains no copper discs No rust and no cleaning required
40% increase in bristle density*
Finer coverage and more efficient tooth cleaning

UV sterile, vacuum-packed brush head
Strict selection of DuPont soft bristles, FDA compliant* (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Each brush head is UV sterilized and vacuum sealed before leaving the factory, to ensure the safety and hygiene of the brush heads.

Wireless inductive charging for up to 18 days* battery life
A single charge can last for up to 18 days, making it an essential long distance travel partner. You can also check the remaining charge via the mobile app, to avoid the hassle of a sudden battery failure.

All-in-one compact body, IPX7 rated waterproofing*
A multi-injection molding process that enables different parts of the toothbrush to be "sealed" to connect into a seamless design, while at the same time reaching IPX7 waterproof level. A simple, clean, matte white design and an elegant blend of style and beauty.

*Non-slip rear design
*Seamless on/off switch button design,No longer worry about water immersion or toothpaste sticking
*Interchangeable color ring design at the bottom of the brush,One color per person, to prevent mixing of custom settings



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