XIAOMI MIJIA T700 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

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XIAOMI MIJIA T700 Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Regular price 405.00 SR
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MIJIA Sonic Toothbrush T700 Main Features

* Dupont nylon super soft bristles, Delicate and soft care, reduce gingival irritation

* 4mm ultra-thin brush head, Comfortable entrance, more flexible oral cleaning

* Double flocking amount, M shape layout, Efficient and clean, safe and healthy

* Magnetic levitation sonic motor, Super cleaning power, low noise and shock absorption

* Power step less regulation, recise control of brushing strength

* Brushing mode is customized, Meet various dental cleaning needs

* LED display, Check your brushing score at any time

* Custom small emoticons, Make brushing your teeth fun and easy

XIAOMI MIJIA Sonic Electric Toothbrush T700

Ultra-dense soft DuPont nylon bristles Adjustable toothbrush power LED smart display screen Personalized customization mode


*Ultra-dense soft bristles: deep cleans and protects gums
*4mm ultra-thin brush head: comfortable entry, can clean every corner of the teeth
*Power adjustment: precise control of brushing force
*LED smart display screen: mode and power at a glance
*Custom Graphics Settings: Fun personality and effective against clutter
*Wireless charging: with charging base, easy charging


A more professional electric toothbrush with fully upgraded bristles, brush head and handle


DuPont nylon super soft bristles for effective gum car

Suitable for people with sensitive oral cavity, soft, delicate and not irritating. At the same time, it can penetrate deep into the gap between the gums for better cleaning
0.127mm outer ring bristle diameter
0.152mm middle bristle diameter


4mm ultra-thin brush head, comfortable entry

Compared with ordinary toothbrush heads, it is more compact and can easily penetrate into the mouth and clean all corners.


Double flocking amount, mountain-shaped layout, powerful cleaning

The higher density of bristles brings stronger cleaning power, the M-shaped layout is suitable for the Pasteur brushing method, and the 45° inclined vibration cleans the gingival sulcus and completely cleans food residues. Compliant with FDA food contact material regulations, safe and secure.


Magnetic levitation sonic motor, super cleaning power, 55DB low noise and shock absorption

396,000 times/min high-frequency oscillation, strong power and stability to provide super cleaning power, effectively remove plaque, tartar and other stains, and use shock-absorbing materials to greatly reduce the vibration of the opponent.


Support power adjustment, precise control of toothbrush strength

The brush handle button can directly adjust the power of the toothbrush, from gentle to strong, multiple gears can be changed at will, suitable for different oral conditions.


Exclusive customization of brushing mode to meet various requirements for cleaning teeth

In addition to the gentle and standard modes, the toothbrush supports connecting to the Mi home app, and you can also customize the brushing strength and duration you like to meet the needs of different groups of people.
*Three recommended modes
*After turning on the toothbrush, the force will gradually increase to prevent toothpaste from splashing
*Three brushing time options
*3 additional function options


Don't worry about using too much force, over pressure is an automatic reminder

When the brushing force is too strong, the over pressure reminder is activated to prevent the gums from bleeding due to excessive force.


LED display, the data is very intuitive

The brushing score, remaining power and other information can be displayed. More data and analysis reports can be viewed in the Mi home app to develop a good brushing habit.
Brushing Mode | Brushing Rating | Power Indicator | Battery Indicator


Customize emoticons to make brushing your teeth fun

You can also set nicknames, expressions, and anniversary reminders to effectively prevent toothbrushes from mixing.


Good looks, wireless charging, water resistance, anything you want, I got it


24-day battery life, suitable for vacation travel and business trips

1050mAh lithium battery, long battery life with one full charge, wireless charging, easy to place on the charging stand to charge.


IPX7 fully waterproof

Full body waterproof, efficient waterproof, safe and durable.


More details

Metal button design, durable Back bump design to prevent slipping Silicone ring on the charging base, effective non-slip, safe placement


Packing list

Brush handle×1
Brush head protection cover×2
Power shaft protection cover×1
Brush head×2
Charging base×1

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